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“The King” gives us a refreshing look into the life of Elvis Presley and snags two Emmy nominations in the process!

The King is a new documentary film directed by Eugene Jarecki that tells the story of Elvis Presley through a modern lens.The score, composed by RNDM ORDR founder Robert Miller, drives the documentary with a steady hand. It collectively captures moments of stillness and triumph with the experienced hand of someone who has spent a career curating listening experiences that work in tandem with the spirit of each scene. 


After working with Jarecki on five films, Miller can easily anticipate the sonic needs of each scene he’s working on. Miller mentions that he’s “often called upon to be the ‘voice’ of the key moments in his [Jarecki’s] films where the viewer can sharpen their attention on the message he’s hoping to convey…This is certainly true of ‘The King’ where Elvis speaks as if from beyond the grave as a spiritual entity throughout the film; in each of those moments, important things are conveyed, and a with a unifying score signature.” 


The film has been nominated for both Best Documentary and Best Historical Documentary. Catch a glimpse of the doc here.