RNDM ORDR has tapped into owner Robert Millers musical relationship with Experimental Pop/Jazz-Funk duo KNOWER.
RNDM ORDR Founder and Creative Director had the following to say:
“I first met Luis Cole and Genevieve Artadi, the members of the band Knower, in 2016 after a year or more of listening to their incredible music.
They embody everything that I love about music- enormously inventive harmonic and melodic ideas, rhythmic brilliance (Luis Cole is an extraordinary drummer) inspired , heartfelt, and sometimes incredibly funny lyrics, and virtuoso guest instrumentalists on both their recordings and full band live tours.
Genevieve has a beautifully expressive voice that doesn’t need to resort to over coloration via gymnastic licks, etc.
I am proud to have worked with them on some great commercial projects, and am excited about bringing them into our growing RNDM ORDR family on specific work that will allow them to fully use their unique sound.”
Here are a few links to KNOWER’s impressive body of work: