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Coup 53 makes its streaming debut with a special online screening of the film

Today, we mark the 67th Anniversary of the Anglo-American Coup in Iran with the digital premiere of Taghi Amirani’s Coup 53.

Centered around the CIA/MI 6 organized overthrow of Mossadegh in Iran in 1953, the documentary that took ten years to create will officially be released via an online cinema on August 19th. 

The structure and sound design of the film is the handiwork of legendary editor/sound designer Walter Murch. With a clear direction, Murch looped in RNDM ORDR founder Robert Miller, who he knew from experience would be able to captivate the audience through the film’s score. 

Miller notes that upon hearing the rough cut of the film, it was clear the film’s score needed a genuine Persian influence. He studied Persian classical and folk music in depth and discovered incredible riches in the complex modalities of the music. From there, he knew that he had to figure out how to fuse the persian with his natural western symphonic language.

When asked about his work on the film, he says, “I know how passionate a subject the 1953 event is to Iranians worldwide, so I can only say that I hope that I did justice to the Persian aspect of my score…As with Particle Fever, my first film with Walter, I had the honor of collaborating on all things sound with the most fascinating figure in editorial and sound in Hollywood history…It’s pure pleasure to get inside his fascinating mind.” 

Tune into the online screening of Coup 53 today and be on the lookout for the online Q&A tomorrow with Walter Murch,Taghi Amarani and Ralph Fiennes on August 20th. You can purchase tickets to the screening here!

You can also watch Taghi and Walter be interviewed on CNN here.