Acclaimed writer and RNDM ORDR owner, Reinhard Denke pens upcoming drama, Moonchild.

Moonchild is based in the dazzling world of Los Angeles of the late 1960’s, MOONCHILD is the true story of single mother Linda Kasabian, a broken dreamer whose quest for freedom and truth leads her to Spahn Ranch and Charles Manson. Her life becomes every teenager’s dream come true; anything you want when you want it, fun all the time, music, love, mind expanding drugs, sex, and add to that the hypnotic allure of high octane celebrity – everyone who was anyone in Hollywood wanted to be with the Charlie and his girls. This hypnotic journey slowly devolves into addiction, fear and madness that commits the most terrifying crime of the century. In the end, Linda must find the courage in leave this vile entourage and testify against them, putting an end to their murderous rampage, and turning her back on the hallucination that was the 1960’s.