At the heart of every great piece of film is the moving images’ irreplaceable creative companion: sound and music.

When we collaborate on any project, we become your creative partner, guiding force and support.

Through imagination, heart, experience, enthusiasm, risk and sensitivity to message, we work to bring out the very best in every commercial or film.


  • Staff

    Robert Miller - Global Executive Creative Director, Founding Partner
    Rani Vaz - Executive Producer
    Kate Gibson - Associate Producer (NY)
    Madelaine Hart - Associate Producer (UK)
    Megan Jordan - Business Affairs
    Nick Tuttle - Head of West Coast Production, Engineer, IT
    Nick Green - Head of East Coast Production, Audio Post Producer
    Marc McClusky - Mixer, Producer, Engineer
    Ayesha Hassan: Associate Producer

  • Composers

    Robert Miller (NY)
    Florian Lakenmacher (Supreme Music Berlin)
    Max Olowinsky (Supreme Music Hamburg)
    Felix Mueller (Supreme Music Hamburg)
    Nick Smith (UK)
    Carlos Villalobos (CHI)
    Samuel Sim (UK)
    Paul Housden (UK)
    Marc McClusky (CHI)
    Nick Tuttle (LA)

  • Sound Designers

    Bill Chesley (Henryboy/NY)
    Nick Tuttle (LA)
    Stephen Dewey (UK)
    Reinhard Denke (Founding Partner)