RNDM ORDR is a full service music and sound design company that has united the most celebrated talents in our industry with a solid presence in NYC, LA, Chicago, London, Berlin and Hamburg.

We are dedicated to the highest level of creative music and sound collaboration for a wide array of projects including commercial campaigns, video games, TV shows and feature films.

In addition to our original composition and sound design, we provide licensing from our catalogue, music supervision and post audio mixing services.

The intensity music and sound design brings to the moving image is tremendous. We respect its remarkable strength that inspires the imagination of the viewer.

  • Staff

    Robert Miller - Global Executive Creative Director
    Rani Vaz - Executive Producer
    Kate Gibson - Producer (NY)
    Madelaine Hart - Associate Producer (UK)
    Megan Jordan - Business Affairs
    Nick Tuttle - Engineer, IT
    Nick Green - Production Assistant, Engineer (NY)
    Mark McClusky - Mixer, Producer, Engineer

  • Composers

    Robert Miller (NY)
    Florian Lakenmacher (Supreme Music Berlin)
    Max Olowinsky (Supreme Music Hamburg)
    Felix Mueller (Supreme Music Hamburg)
    Nick Smith (UK)
    Carlos Villalobos (CHI)
    Samuel Sim (UK)
    Paul Housden (UK)
    Mark McClusky (CHI)
    Nick Tuttle (LA)
    Cosmo Sheldrake (Newly Commissioned Work)

  • Sound Designers

    Gus Koven (LA)
    Bill Chesley (NY)
    Nick Tuttle (LA)
    Stephen Dewey (UK)
    Reinhard Denke (LA)